About Us

The company (established in 2001 and called Avichai Mor Ltd.), is engaged in the import and marketing of products from a wide range of fields including:

* Self-defense products

* Knives and pocket knives for various uses

* Cold weapons collectibles (handcrafted knives and swords, etc.).

* Firearms accessories

* Camping and survival gear

* Flashlights

* Unique gadgets and gifts

* kitchen knives

* funny T-shirts

* Tactical clothing and footwear

* Bags for weapons and tactical bags

* and much more...


Among the brands are S & W, SanRenMu, Opinel, Fiskars, ProHands, VersaCarry, Ganzo, Schrade, Fab Defense, SaberRed, Frontline, Caa, First Tactical, Recover and many others.



* Comprehensive consultation + escort in the selection and purchase of a firearm for license holders.

* Shooting training for self-defense and fighting

* Lectures on weapons, ballistics, stopping ability, safety and health at the range and more.

* Examination of products and writing articles for weapons magazines and various weapons sites in Israel and around the world.

* Legal opinions on the use of weapons + expert witness to the courts.

* Consulting special and professional weapons work.

* Training and certification for veterinarians and municipal inspectors in the use of guns and pistols for remote injection